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IBI is an investment holding company partnering with businesses at the crossroads of Technology, International Trade and Agriculture

Our Vision

To serve its group companies and partners with integrity by using a fact-based, no-nonsense approach to decision making backed by cutting edge analytics, expert insight and sound corporate governance.

Our Purpose

Unlocking subsidiary company synergies and value by increasing collaboration, raising the bar on operational excellence & innovation and providing strategic guidance on the path to growth.

Group Entities

Ibi Farmgate
Ibi Digidex
Ibi Nrth


I first met Mr. Davelaar during his tenure at the Lona Group. He has various skills in business management such as Scaling Farming & Commercial Operations, Agricultural Economics, Risk and Financial Management. My experience indicated that he has a strong sense of urgency, approaches business and decision making logically and based on data & analytics, has excellent time and project management skills, and drives the main objective of business: profitability.

I have had the pleasure of working with Irving Davelaar in 2019 – 2020. Many workgroups had to be formed to get stakeholders, industry, government and developers to work together to solve critical (Agri)business problems and develop the new eCert project. Irving chaired and facilitated the main work groups and his contributions were invaluable. Apart from Irving’s vast knowledge of the agricultural industry, his IT & Digitalization knowledge assisted with bringing clarity and agreement among various IT vendors servicing the industry.

One of my “unwritten business rules” is to surround myself with good people… employ people better than myself. I have been successful in achieving that with my team. Irving interacted with myself and my team for a period of 3 months during 2021.

We were all very impressed with his thoroughness, gentle approach, professionalism and above all, his ability to see and understand what makes our business tick.

I met Irving in Cape Town at a fund raising event for the H.E.L.P. foundation in 2015. H.E.L.P. is a fully registered NPO, NGO with a P18 status. He soon became a vital part of H.E.L.P.’s strategy, planning, but most of all he embedded the principles of sound budgeting and professional fund raising within the team.

Irving is a highly intelligent young man with a strong work ethic of diligence and loyalty. Still to this day, with 3 Early Childhood Development Centers operational in various townships, Irving is still my point of reference and pillar of support.

Anna-Marie Kaars Sijpesteijn-Garschagen
Founder - H.E.L.P. Foundation

Irving has been a hidden gem for my business ideas, difficulties and growth. His advice and observations are well thought out, calculative and simplified.

Senait Mekonnen
Owner - Addis in Cape

Our Drive

Continuous and high impact focused contribution to the journey to a Food Secure world for the generations to come

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